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Color Splash Effect Photo Edit Premium v1.0.4

Color Splash Effect Photo Edit Premium v1.0.4

Color Splash effect photo editor is a great app to use when bringing out a specific part to focus on. Color Splash effect photo editor lets you selectively color your photo that is already turned into gray or black and white (B&W) image.

Color Splash Effect Converts your photo into gorgeous black and white (B&W) image and makes your photos more artistic and vibrant. As a result your simple art of pics turn into stunning pieces of pics art.

The Color Splash technique allows you to create unique dramatic photos with selective colors. This effect draws the viewers' attention to the colored areas, creating striking images. Color splash effect is fun to use.

It has unique shape splash feature. Using shape splash feature highlight color with desired shape and get stunning color pop effect.

Color Splash effect is very popular among all ages people who love to retouch photo. Color Splash effect is frequently used by photographers and photo lovers.

Keeping all this things in mind we have created very user friendly and easy to use color splash effect photo editor.


- Select image from gallery or capture image with camera
- Initially image is converted to grayscale photo or black and white (B&W) image
- Zoom image with two finger
- Pan button to pan or move image on view
- undo functionality
- resize and fit image to screen
- Reset image to initial state
- Change brush size and brush opacity
- realtime paint preview
- save image to device storage
- share photo to instagram,facebook, messenger and many other sharing platform
- post photo directly to social network

Enjoy color splash effect photo editor and give your photo a glamorous look.

# App crashes fixed on latest android version