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Handy Photo 1.1.8 APK Android

Photo Handy Android APK 1.1.8 - To download the Android 1.1.8 APK Photo Handy app for free in your Android phone has been rooted can run all applications in this blog, all applications in my blog is a full version and you get .apk or .zip file download is very simple: select the desired file and click "Download Android 1.1.8 Handy Photo APK "Just a few easy steps and you enjoy Application Android 1.1.8 Android APK Handy Photo
Handy Photo 1.1.8 Android APK

! Welcome to creative photo editing
Handy photo was designed for those who have a strong passion for photo editing. The application is a perfect choice when it comes to correct and enhance photos from all possible angles.
Edit your photo with the complete picture of Handy really powerful tools together to get the results that will definitely impress you and anyone watching your art.
* Uncrop your photos in a unique way
* The tool is called Magic not accidentally. It allows users unique photo uncrop. No other application might. The Magic Crop is unique for another reason. It helps straighten a crooked horizon without sacrificing the original size of the photo.
* Let the objects in your photos come alive
* Is it possible to move objects in your photos in faucets? The answer is yes when it comes to the Move Tool me. Carry the object to any other place or photo and be satisfied that there is suitable for a shirt.
* Perform photo editing in the best possible way
* Remove all objects and unwanted stains from your photos in a tap. Mobile editing has never been so quick and easy.
* Color and tonal balance *
your photos thanks to a complete set of tools to adjust the color and tone of photos, you can properly balance your images' brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, shadows, highlights, etc. levels to make the pictures look vivid and natural.
* apply photographic filters superb
* A total of more than two filters, namely black and white, Bleach Bypass, Standout Color, Cross Process, dramatic, duotone, Fog, Glow, Golden, HDR, halftone, ink, Lomo, Old Photo, polarization, Polaroid, Sepia, Sketch, Smart Contrast, Tilt Shift, tiny planet, Vignette, Vintage and are always on hand in case you feel like changing the atmosphere of any of your photos. All they are equally stunning, easy to adjust and implement, and flexible to work with. * Add
wonderful textures
* Set the mood of your photo stories with you the pack of Handy terrible textures Photo (over 90). Apply them to enhance your photos and make them really pop. You can choose from the following groups: textures. Fabric, clouds, frost and ice, grunge, paper, water, wood
Textures are adjustable, so make tweaks to the texture you have selected, it applies, and you will become more fascinated with your picture.
* Add eye-catching frames *
Before showing your photo in the world, it is very important to frame properly. Excellent collection of The Handy Photo frames just serves the purpose. Put the finishing touches to your photos by adding them to the following pictures :. Cardboard, film Grunge, photo album, Polaroid, and Retro Photo
* Features *
APP ★ Move Me technology for the extraction of intellectual objects and moving
★ magic Crop tool with unique photo tool "non-cultural"
★ The best touch technology for mobile platforms ★
Impressive collection
professional photo filters ★ assorted textures and frames 100% high quality
size image viewing
★ ★ Up to 36 MP
support ★ Optimized for multi-core and GPU processors
★ Elegant and intuitive user interface

Presented by the developers of TouchRetouch! :)
All devices running Android 2.3 or later and ARMv7 support.
According to the total amount of RAM available, the following resolution image processing is allowed
2GB RAM - 24 MP
1 GB RAM - 16 MP
786 MB RAM - 12 MP
512MB RAM - 8 MP
less than 512 MP RAM - 5 MP

< b> For more information, Please visit Google Play

Version: 1.1.8
Size: 33.1 MB
Requires Android: 2.3 and up