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WiFi Manager Premium 3.2.3 APK

WiFi Manager Premium 3.2.3 APK

< strong> WiFi Manager Premium 3.2.3 APK < / strong >

< strong> Free WiFi Manager Premium v3.2.3 APK

< strong> Version: 3.2.3

< strong> Requirements: Android 2.1

< strong> Description:

Find , attach, manage WiFi networks. Improve clutch top quality with a graphical network radar. Discover open networks around you.
Includes home screen widgets : . one shows profound connection info , another lets you change your preference to connect with a single tap, and yet an additional switch WiFi Access Point

< p> New and enhanced:
< ul>
< li> Better graphics, consisting of a dark color motif ; .
< li> Delegate your own descriptions and icons to specific WiFi networks never forget what that is exactly XYZ1234 network ; .
Change under your favorite connect with a lone crane by making use of the WiFi Network Switcher widget. It will also make it possible for WiFi if necessary.
Automatic shifting between set and lively (DHCP) IP addresses ( Android Settings in 2. can not do this )

< p> Some features require you to buy the $ 1.75 package cost , readily available in the application through Google Check out (safe , protect ) .
These features are : advanced per - network options (description , icon, IP address) , the one-tap network widget , and two widget themes inspired by Android 4.0
. All
various other essential features are free : . widget with the proper coupling data ( four dimensions , two completely free motifs ) , scanning and connecting to networks, the network list view , the network signal radar
Orders are processed and stored by Google and can also be activated after a phone reset / flash , or on a new phone.
Regarding requested permissions : .
Change system settings to change between solid and vibrant IP addresses, if set .
Stop phone of rest is needed so you can enable automatic scanning and discover open networks around you.
Market payment is required to make investments.
< p> Because variation 2.5, supports per - network IP address and proxy settings of the web server on Android 3. * / 4 * , are included in the free version.
< p> Google provides no opportunity for designers to respond to comments . If you have a problem or question , please contact me [email protected] !
/ * * / (e -mail is also received around the box as below).