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Protected Apps Donate v2.5.5 Apk

Protected Apps Donate v2.5.5 Rev < / b> - Protected Apps Donate With this app you can secure app with a password, PIN or pattern. The Android lock screen is used for that

. Protected Apps Rev

The protection can not be removed with a simple long press the backup button , as with most other apps. You could not even protect law bootable apps like the package - installer

< b> Donation: . You can select any number of apps.

< h2> Protected Apps Donate < i> features :
  1. Various observation modes
  2. The duration of unlockable configurable
  3. Auto-Lock could be disabled
  4. Notification options
  5. The duration of unlock can be configured
  6. Pre slide lock could be disabled
  7. Minimum and maximum period of unlocking configurable
< h3> < i> What 's New Protected Apps donate v2.5.5 Rev
  1. Crash Report release Do not show an icon in toast
  2. Fixed a problem with the message release
  3. solution to a problem after the call
  4. Some other small fix
  5. Updated translations

Protected Apps Donate v2. 5.5 Rev

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Size: 501 Kb
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