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Performance Booster Donate [root ] Patched 4.5.8 APK

Performance Booster Donate [root ] Patched 4.5.8 APK
Workwear < hr>
< b> < em> Performance Booster Donate [root ] Patched v4.5.8 APK

< b> < em> < u> Version: 4.5.8 < / strong> < / b> < / em>
Workwear < hr>

Performance Booster Donate (root) Patched
v4.5.8 Requirements: Android 2.2
summary : . with this plugin you can make a donation for the support the action Booster application
you still need to Performance Booster that is to install the main application. Both performance booster and have to install it on your device donate version

Performance Booster will change the kernel process for managing all walks like Android Core runtime libraries and Dalvik VM layers User libraries layer, application Framework layer, and application layer .

< p> this application is for rooted DEVICE ONLY . Find out what is a ROOTED device is shown at the bottom of this description .
< p> If your device is eradication , please do not review with a negative response. This application can not be run on eradicating devices. It will not work on eradicating device. Thank you for your honesty and kindness.

Performance Booster needs root permissions. You need to have the privileges to run this application . Without privileges , this application can not activate the process in kernel performance . Performance Booster ( root) is not a placebo, or a joke, or a fake application

< p> DISCLAIMER: . It is made available for use at your own risk , without warranty of any kind . The default value of this application is not active and by activating this application means that you have agreed with the content of the disclaimer.

Unlike other simillar doing applications , this application will not change the lowmemorykiller institution will not clean up RAM, not faster processor / OC , etc. but this application will manage the kernel for all layers , giving you the fastest possible processes for ( something ) to get into your ROM.

You will not find any other benchmarking score , but you'll notice how quickly your ROM ever when you use!

Google wrote " FULL permissions to all drivers PROPERTIES AND STORAGE " for SuperSU permissions. You can have all permissions (show all permissions) in app info ( management apps ) to check to find out

< p> Please check out my post on Google Plus for permission explanation: .

[ ]

" Benchmarks virtually anywhere be used as a standard by which something can be measured or judged by. But when does it really matter and you even care ? "

[ for me, the " true measure "is what you feel and what you get while using the device ( of course in the same device). -first of the words "to me " you mean personal opinion and may different with you and others. ]

< p> (Performance Booster with Double Booster feature only available in Pro Edition and donate version . Performance Booster with new Triple Booster function only available in Pro Edition).
< p> If you like this application , please consider the donate version . Please search : Gejos Enterprise to find the donate version . Your donation will help to support my work. Thank you very much.
< p> This application is free and will always be free ( works fine without donate version installed).

Performance Booster 100% ads free . Please rate and see wise and read this description before judge and assessment. Thank you

If you do not know what a ROOTED device , you can get a pretty good explanation can be found here : . [ ] Page not found - Android Authority

Use the back button to save and execute new setting (not the home button ) .

< p> All of my apps have "unique" method of loading and unloading service . It will automatically kill himself to save RAM and the service will be reactive when needed . Do not worry , this app is still active, even you can not find it in the system is active.
< p> This application is not a placebo, neither a joke nor a fake.
< p> This app has no ads

More information :

< p> Download Instructions :