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Evoker Magic Card Game ( TCG) Rev

Evoker Magic Card Game ( TCG) Rev - This Game Evoker Magic Card Game Join thousands of real opponents in this epic trading card game full of magic and fantasy. Call powerful creatures . Hundreds fight glorious adventures. Develop deadly strategies and challenge the world most powerful players! < / Div >

Evoker Magic Card Game ( TCG)

• Hundreds of quests
• Challenging boss fights
• Thousands gather magical creatures
• epic multiplayer battles
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Choose wisely who you want for your team in this magical experience
*** I love this game. . I can spend hours while building my ultimate team that I send in battles against my friends
*** *** A magical creature deadly than the next. Super ! *** ***
So addictive , I believe I have the ultimate collection ***
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• Train your skills step by step in solo quests
• Level your character , playing by getting new quests
• Decide what skills you want to encourage
• Collect creatures from the elves, orcs and dwarves, and strengthen them , using dragons, elementals and demons
• Growth combat strength your creatures ' through battle experience
• Make your creatures more powerful by clever combinations
• Challenge other players and to rob them of their wealth
Choose your creatures and spells caution - the duels require you deadly and clever. . Only he who really commands his deck of creatures can be full power to exercise
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Size: 38.58MB