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Download Du SpeedBooster 2.1.6.Apk for Android

Download Du SpeedBooster 2.1.6.Apk For Android - DU Speed ​​Booster is an Android optimizer cleaner master with built- free antivirus protection feature. It can increase the speed of your phone by up to 60 % , cleans junk (cache) files from your system , and increases the available storage space on your SD card

Du SpeedBooster 2.1.6.Apk

It is a total Android phone optimization solution that the advanced functionality of a task apps cleaner, speed and ram booster , storage ( junk cache) analyzer , security guard and antivirus protection master for your phone.
< h2 combines style = " text- align: justify ;"> DU SpeedBooster (Cleaning Optimizer Security Master ) Highlights: .
★ easy Boost: A single touch can save you time and effort to increase your phone
★ Junk File Cleaner : Full scan and clean up every bit of junk and cache files ★
Smart Cleaner : . . Pre-set automatic cleanup unwanted processes and trash
★ Powerful SpeedBooster : Increase the speed of your Android by up to 60%
★ Security Optimizer Master: Make sure your phone safe and protected against virus (es) or Trojan ( s)

DU SpeedBooster (Cleaning Optimizer Security Master ) Features: .

► Game Booster : Improve your gaming speed and experience
Smart recognition and manual addition of installed game . (S) or apps
Focuses system resources to support the game operation , and softens and boost the game 's FPS

► SPEED ACCELERATOR : . Makes Android apps and games faster than ever

One-touch speed system diagnosis and acceleration : Click the "Optimization " button or use the home screen widget
Clean background processes , kill jobs and turn off automatically. launch apps ( rooted devices ) to cleanup memory and increase the speed of your system
Freeze unwanted apps to increase memory

. . ► TRASH CLEANER : Cleanup your Android phone and SD card junk files and cache for a speed boost

! Clean remaining files that remain after uninstalling apps to free up storage space
Cleanup boost your phone cache with a single touch. your Android system speed

► ADVANCED apps manager . ! Master your apps to clean and organized to keep your storage

Batch install / uninstall manager keeps your android clean and boost the speed .
Manage apps on your phone 's internal memory and SD card to free up space.
Move apps and files between your phone and SD card ( App2SD) to the phone memory

► DU . SAFETY : Antivirus scanner permission Manager

Quick Scan apps and files on your phone to protect your device against viruses. ( Es ) and Trojan ( s)
Check the permissions , or review apps categorized according to permissions requested by any installed app
. . More information Google Play Store
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