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CARX Drift Racing 1.2.7 APK Mod ( Unlimited Coins / Ads - free)

CARX Drift Racing 1.2.7 APK Mod ( Unlimited Coins / Ads - free)
Workwear < hr>
< b> < em> < u> CARX Drift Racing 1.2.7 APK Mod ( Unlimited Coins / Ads - free )

< b> < em> < u> Version : 1.2.7
Workwear < hr>

< p> CARX Drift Racing v1.2.7 (Unlimited Coins / Ads - free )
Requirements: 2.3. 3
Summary : THE MOST WANTED DRIFT game ever
[ 1.3 million people downloaded first CARX game and asked for full game ]

Caution be careful, this application you can draw on many hours , do not forget to rest at least every 40 minutes

REAL dRIFTING calculation
-CarX drift Racing gives you a unique experience in the treatment of sports cars through the simple and intuitive way
- If you like to drift , get ready to spend many hours playing this game
- use separate handbrake button to start drifting
- paint donuts burning tires
- animation the deep smoke while driving
the most realistic MOBILE RACING GAME
- amazing feeling of powerful sports cars
- unique driving on different surfaces - asphalt, grass, sand
- racing on high detailed tracks
- you can customize your handling system
- you can choose different settings for each car - Stock , Turbo Racing Drift
- live cameras and replays
- you can upload your best replays to youTube
< p> career mode
- win trophies and earn coins
- unlock six sports cars and new track
- ADDED Ghost mode to compete with your best game
- compete with your friends and hit world records
- time attack racing mode with a global ranking
< p> TRUE and turbo engine sOUNDS
- original engine sound for every car
- simulated turbo blow off valve sound and the
six licensed soundtracks
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< p> What's new
Version 1.2.7
New features:
- smoke tires reworked for a best quality
- now you can choose the color of the smoke
- Now you can choose the color of the glass
seasonal Offer :
- Santa Truck for race Christmas
- sales and bonuses on holidays!

More information :

< u> Download Instructions :
http: //


< b> Download CARX Drift Racing v1.2.7 APK Mod ( Unlimited Coins / Ads - free )